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Unconditional bank guarantees: ‘like cash in the bank’. But not always …
19 October 17
It is common in construction and commercial leasing transactions for a party to provide an unconditional bank guarantee to secure the performance of their contractual obligations.
Insolvency insights: Ipso facto clauses – is there still time to ramp up your contract so you can terminate for insolvency events?
12 October 17
It is common for commercial contracts to contain ipso facto clauses, which allow a party to terminate or modify the terms of the contract where the other party experiences an insolvency event. A concern addressed by the Government is that these clauses can prevent a financially distressed company from turning their situation around.

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So you have dealt with the 1 July super changes – now what about the estate planning implications?
19 October 17
Advisers have been very busy in the lead up to the 1 July superannuation changes and the new transfer balance cap.
Restructures: To rollover or not?
19 October 17
There are various reasons why it may be time to restructure. When restructuring, it is important to consider what rollovers may be available, what are their implications and is it better to trigger the tax.