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Dangers of irrevocable authorities and breaches of fiduciary duty
24 October 14
When a debtor owes money to a creditor, it is not uncommon for the debtor to propose that the creditor be paid from the proceeds of a sale or other transaction where the debtor is to receive a payment.
A light, a fan or a super-fan? Tribunal decision highlights difficulties classifying composite goods to determine customs duty
24 October 14
In Mercator Lighting Pty Ltd v Chief Executive Officer of Customs, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal considered the proper customs classification of particular electric ceiling fans with integrated lights.

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Structuring and drafting contracts for business and share sales with CGT concessions in mind
29 October 14
There are many useful CGT concessions, including the general 50% discount, the small business CGT concessions and same asset CGT roll-overs. Clients naturally will want to maximise the concessions they can claim to limit their exposure to CGT.
Performance management – how to do it from beginning to end
29 October 14
This interactive program will allow you to gain useful knowledge about the relevant legal risks, rights and responsibilities of employers, and how to manage legal and employment issues from a practical perspective.