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Succession law update – new approach to treatment of de facto relationships
09 August 17
The Succession Act 1981 (Qld) has been amended to change the impact of de facto relationships on Wills and estate disputes.
New succession planning grant available for primary producers
09 August 17
The Queensland Government has recently announced a Farm Management Grants Scheme for eligible primary producers and their children or relatives.

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Watch out for sleeping payroll tax problems – Toowoomba
22 August 17
The OSR is conducting a large number of payroll tax audits. Some of these have resulted in eye-watering assessments, and advisers have been put under the spotlight for advice that was (or wasn’t) given.
Performance management – tips and traps
23 August 17
This interactive program will allow you to gain useful knowledge about the relevant legal risks, rights and responsibilities of employers, and how to manage legal and employment issues from a practical perspective.