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Three surprising unfair dismissal cases
23 October 14
Employers should be aware of three recent cases where employees were found to be unfairly dismissed in arguably surprising circumstances.
Responding to a serious safety incident
23 October 14
The first few hours following a serious safety incident are critical. As discussed at our recent HR forum in Brisbane, the following matters should be attended to immediately following a serious safety incident.

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Division 7A in family law settlements: tips, traps and the Tax Office’s latest view on payments to associates
23 October 14
Division 7A can be a minefield for family lawyers when dealing with clients' assets structured through companies and trusts in a property settlement. Division 7A applies regardless of whether payments, transfers of property or the release of loans occurs pursuant to a consent order or BFA.
Performance management – how to do it from beginning to end
23 October 14
This interactive program will allow you to gain useful knowledge about the relevant legal risks, rights and responsibilities of employers, and how to manage legal and employment issues from a practical perspective.