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Primary producers face legal and financial traps in handing down the family farm
16 October 18
Primary producers face a number of commercial and tax implications as well as potential transaction costs including duty in handing over the family farm to the next generation, according to agribusiness specialists at Cooper Grace Ward Lawyers.
Federal Government added as a party to Federal Court casual ‘test case’
18 October 18
Jobs and Industrial Relations Minister, Kelly O’Dwyer, will intervene in a Federal Court ‘test case’ about casuals. This announcement follows increasingly vocal concerns from employers that workers will be able to ‘double dip’ on their entitlements.

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Townsville – Good estate planning is more than just a Will – what happens when it isn’t done properly?
23 October 18
More and more clients have structures and superannuation entitlements, so thinking outside the square of a Will is vital at estate planning time.
How to effectively draft compliant HR policies
24 October 18
This program will assist participants to draft and implement compliant and effective HR policies to increase workplace flexibility, set boundaries of appropriate workplace behaviour and reduce the legal risks when disciplining or terminating employees for policy breach.