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Can your agricultural land be used for a solar farm development? What would the implications be?
26 April 18
The Queensland Government has recently begun the community engagement stage of preparing the Solar Farm Guidelines, which it hopes to finalise in the second half of 2018.
Insolvency insights: Using the section 553C set-off to reduce unfair preference claims
23 April 18
Commonly, a creditor being sued by a liquidator to refund an alleged unfair preference is owed money by the company in liquidation.

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Surely I cannot be liable for that – I’ve done nothing wrong! The scope of employers’ responsibility for actions of others
01 May 18
Many employers feel aggrieved when, through no fault of their own, they are exposed to large damages claims by employees and third parties.
Breakfast session – Related party dealings – how hard can they be?
10 May 18
Due to the overwhelming response we have received for this topic, we have opened a breakfast session starting at 7.00am.