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Part IVA anti-avoidance provisions: where is the line now between legitimate tax planning and tax avoidance?
14 August 18
Part IVA was originally introduced to target tax avoidance arrangements that were ‘blatant, artificial or contrived’. Following the 2013 amendments, the focus has shifted to identifying arrangements where the substance of the transaction ‘could more conveniently, or commercially, or frugally have been achieved by a different transaction or form of transaction’.
New amendments may terminate your Binding Child Support Agreement; are you affected?
14 August 18
From 1 July 2018, retrospective amendments to the Child Support (Assessment) Act 1989 can have the effect of suspending or terminating Binding Child Support Agreements in certain circumstances. Anyone who has a Binding Child Support Agreement should urgently obtain legal advice to review the document and assess whether they are impacted by the amendments.

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Webinar: Avoiding compliance issues with SMSF investments in private unit trusts
09 August 18
Many SMSFs have investments in private unit trusts, whether related, unrelated or ungeared.
Webinar Series – Topical issues in SMSFs – helping keep SMSFs out of trouble
09 August 18
This webinar series targets the issues we are seeing on the ATO’s hit list, and will discuss what to do now to protect your clients and how to respond when the ATO comes to help!