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Why all separated couples are just like Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos
16 January 19
‘Divorce Monday’ was busy again this year, which is something we have come to expect. What’s Divorce Monday, I hear you ask? It’s the first Monday back at work after the Christmas holidays. Precious holiday ‘together time’ invariably pushes many couples to the point of no return.
Cooper Grace Ward celebrates the New Year with four new promotions
08 January 19
Cooper Grace Ward is celebrating the New Year with the announcement of four new promotions including two associates and two senior associates.

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Webinar – When the taxpayer meets Goliath – tips for dealing with the ATO’s debt recovery activities
07 February 19
You will have all seen the statistics (and the Four Corners stories) about the ATO’s proactive approach to recovering tax debts.
Webinar series – When the ATO or OSR ‘comes to help’
07 February 19
Over the last few years, clients have been subject to more and more audit activity by the ATO and OSR.