Cooper Grace Ward places great importance on our identity, our vision and our values as a firm.

Our leadership team participates in strategic and business planning each year to set the medium and long term course of the business and to ensure we achieve our goals.

We also involve our entire team in workshops to review and refine our core purpose and values – that is, who we are and what we stand for as a firm. In these workshops we guide our team through some very unique and memorable exercises. Each team member then “signs on” to our values in a symbolic way by making their mark on our values artwork (shown above). If you visit our offices you will see this artwork on display as a reminder to everyone of what we have committed to.

Our purpose (who we are)

Cooper Grace Ward is a positive, enthusiastic and successful law firm delivering exceptional outcomes for our clients, creating exciting opportunities for our team and contributing meaningfully to our community.

Our values (what we stand for)

In our business decisions and in all interactions with our clients, stakeholders, community and each other, we value:

Mutual respect

We show consideration for every person’s unique qualities, contribution and needs.

Outstanding service

We go all out to develop partnerships with our clients by understanding their needs and aspirations, and delivering our very best for every client on every occasion.

Team spirit

We work together positively to enjoy mutual success.


We are open, clear and genuine.


We continuously seek change that adds value.