Are you prepared for engaging with ASIC as a regulator that is now more litigation focused?

One of the outcomes of the recent Banking Royal Commission is ASIC’s commitment to adopt the Commission’s recommendation that ASIC strengthen its approach to enforcement.

ASIC has indicated that the cornerstone of its new enforcement policy is the question: why not litigate? This represents a clear shift from previous policy.

The ASIC commitment to court-based enforcement has been reinforced by a corresponding commitment from the Federal Government to increase funding for enforcement action.

With community and political expectations also supporting a stronger approach from ASIC, there is a high likelihood that ASIC will make greater use of its powers in the future.

In this guide, Cooper Grace Ward partner, Rocco Russo, one of Brisbane’s highly rated litigators, discusses:

    • ASIC’s recent statements about how it will approach enforcement
    • case examples where ASIC has decided to litigate
    • practical observations for corporate counsel, chief risk officers, company directors and compliance teams who are advising stakeholders on the new regulatory landscape.

Download the guide now: