Career progression is a journey we take together and means different things to different people. At CGW, we hold regular formal and informal development meetings to understand our team members’ expectations and assist them to achieve their career potential.

Induction and onboarding

We invest time and resources into ensuring each of our team members understands the culture, systems and processes that make our organisation tick. New team members undergo a comprehensive induction program throughout their first four weeks, which is followed up with quizzes and ongoing informal discussions with their team leader and trainer.

We are committed to ensuring our new team members understand the business and their role within the bigger picture of the firm.

Technical excellence

CGW’s focus on technical excellence is manifested across a range of professional development activities that take place at many levels within the firm. This includes:

  • an extensive internal continuing professional development (CPD) platform
  • support for graduates undertaking PLT
  • facilitation of government training
  • professional development at the practice team level.

Structured leadership development

Leaders and aspiring leaders, particularly partners and prospective partners, receive the opportunity to undergo training to prepare them for leadership roles. This includes development in people management competencies. This structured program, which is available to associates through to partners, is called Engage Learning.

Access to external seminars, programs and tertiary assistance

Team members wishing to attend external seminars, training programs and study are able to apply on a needs basis. CGW will often contribute towards the cost of work related tertiary courses or other formal learning undertaken by team members seeking to gain additional educational, technical or similar qualifications if there is a direct and demonstrable benefit to the firm.

Formal mentoring program

Our team members have the opportunity to take part in the firm’s formal mentoring program as either a mentor or mentee. This provides a structured channel for the sharing of skills and expertise across the firm.