At Cooper Grace Ward, our people are our most important asset. We recognise that each of us is an individual with different needs and commitments. This approach underpins a range of support and flexibility initiatives that have earned us recognition as an employer of choice.

We adopt a balanced approach to developing a highly engaged team, which includes realistic chargeable hours expectations, as well as regular recognition and reward for contributions to the business’ success.


We aim to be leaders in flexible work arrangements. We carefully monitor the hours being put in by each of our team members and take steps to ensure these hours are consistent with a healthy work/life balance. We also have a range of flexible work arrangements available to meet the diverse career and personal aspirations of our entire team.

Examples of the types of arrangements we offer include:

  • staggered full-time hours, start or finish times or altered lunch breaks
  • job share arrangements
  • hybrid arrangements of working part-time in the office and part-time telecommuting
  • ability to purchase extra annual leave to use for family responsibilities
  • working casually or part-time to allow flexibility for university studies
  • ‘give and take’ approach to short absences like medical appointments.


All of our team members are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, daughters or sons. We understand the importance of family and that balancing work and family is not always easy. We also understand that there are other personal responsibilities such as study or sport that may need to be balanced with work commitments.

At Cooper Grace Ward, we:

  • provide six weeks paid parental leave to the primary care-giver after 12 months continuous service and eight weeks after three years of continuous service
  • provide two weeks paid parental leave to the non-primary care-giver after three years of continuous service
  • offer flexibility in the length of parental leave approved
  • offer team members the opportunity to purchase additional annual leave to suit changing circumstances
  • provide access to Seventeen Hundred, a support program for new families and those with elder care responsibilities
  • provide flexibility around university and other commitments.

Flexible arrangements are addressed on a case by case basis, as each arrangement requires careful consideration to balance personal needs and aspirations with business and client service issues. The success of arrangements like those mentioned above is unique to the team member and the work team. Hence, while we will make our best efforts, we cannot always guarantee all team members access to flexible arrangements.