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August 09, 2018
Log on: 12.15pm
Start: 12.30pm
Finish: 2.00pm
Location Online
Contact T - +61 7 3231 2400 events@cgw.com.au
Cost $110.00 Incl. GST

Many SMSFs have investments in private unit trusts, whether related, unrelated or ungeared.

There can be many consequences of getting them wrong, including:

  • tax at top tax rates on the return because it is non-arm’s length income
  • having to undo the arrangements with potential transaction costs
  • trustee penalty or non-compliance issues because the arrangements are in-house assets or breach the arm’s length test.

The ATO are targeting SMSF investments in private unit trusts, and we are seeing a high degree of compliance activity where SMSFs have these types of investments.

So, how can we make sure our SMSFs do not fall foul of the many rules?

After this webinar, you will:

  • equip you to analyse your SMSFs with private unit trust investments for compliance problems
  • identify which may be at risk
  • determine what action to take
  • discuss how to deal with the ATO when they come to help.