Cooper Grace Ward offers customised legal training, programs and systems, designed to protect you, your business, your board and your senior management. We assist you in putting the right systems in place to comply with legislation including competition and consumer law.

Marketing your products and services successfully is critical to your business. Doing so in a manner that does not offend against the Competition and Consumer Act is equally critical. Those who have experienced an investigation by the Office of Fair Trading or ACCC know how time consuming, disruptive and upsetting it can be – to say nothing of the expense!

The management of such risks faced by your business is best achieved through a culture of compliance and by ensuring that all of your employees who could place the company at risk understand the way that competition law works.

Knowing how the law works, of course, is only the beginning. You need to continuously monitor change in the law and in your business. Regular reviews of compliance policies and procedures, and having adequate reporting and monitoring systems provides everyone with protection through accountability.

To assist you in assessing your level of compliance with the Competition and Consumer Act, Cooper Grace Ward offers a Competition and Consumer Compliance Kit. The Kit helps you identify just how much risk your organisation is exposed to and where more education and understanding of the Competition and Consumer Act is required.

It is designed to test your employees’ understanding of the Competition and Consumer Act and will also enable your senior management to know what is understood about your organisation by those working in it. This includes employees who deal with industry associations, negotiate contracts, prepare marketing or advertising material, engage in selling activities or interface with those who do. Cooper Grace Ward can assist you with training for your organisation, customised to suit your competition law needs.

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